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First and foremost, I am abundantly blessed to be the mama of my beautiful two-year-old boy, and the wife to my incredible husband.  My soap-making endeavor began while I was staying at home with my son in the Summer of 2021.  I went through a challenging journey after having my son due to a painful post-partum condition and then surgical complications, and I was craving a creative outlet that would help me regain my footing by lighting a fire of passion within my soul.  It started with looking up soap recipes and saving photos of gorgeous soaps, and one thing led to another.


Needless to say, I became hopelessly addicted to soap making after making my first loaf of soap. I adore so many things about soaping: the challenge of learning and trying to perfect a new craft, the community of soapers I talk to and learn from daily, the ability to provide a product to people that they will hopefully use and love, and of course the satisfaction that comes from creating something that is 100% my own. 


I became particularly intrigued by a Natural Soapmaking Facebook group.  These soapers utilize only essential oils for fragrance (no fragrance oils), and natural colorants (no synthetic dyes or mica powders).  I have been inspired by the purity, functionality, and beauty of these natural soaps.  However, I recognize that some people love bolder smells that can't be duplicated by natural essential oils, so I also offer some delicious-smelling soaps that are made with only phthalate-free fragrance oils.  I thoroughly research each and every ingredient I use for my soaps, and I use only the highest quality ingredients available to me: that includes base oils and butters, additives, essential oils, and fragrance oils.


My inspiration comes from an ever-growing love for natural products, the infinite beauty of our world, and the belief that we all deserve to pamper ourselves.  The #1 goal of Lindsey Jane Soaps is this: to create luxuriously smooth, bubbly, and delectable soaps that I hope will enrich your bathing experience by soothing both your body and mind. I can't wait for you to try my soaps! 

With love,

-Lindsey Jane

Photo taken in my quaint soap studio!


"Jane", in addition to being my middle name, was my maternal grandmother's name.  She and my grandfather (lovingly called my Mimi and Pepa) had a beautiful end-of-the-dirt-road farm in Tennessee when I was a child.  If you envision anything that people do on a farm- I betcha they did it, or they were "fixin' to" do it. 


My Mimi and Pepa had sunflower fields that stretched as far as the eye could see, endless bushes filled with luscious blackberries, strawberries, and grapes, a pen of happy goats bleating along with roosters cock-a-doodling and pot-bellied pigs basking in the sun, sheds with moonshine and homemade wine being brewed, a corner set up for canning garden-fresh green beans or sun-kissed 'maters (tomatoes), a laid back recliner with crocheted blankets in-the-works, cast iron pots always sizzling with homemade stews, and the list goes on and on.


At the time I don't think I really realized how much this down-to-earth living really shaped my life, but in retrospect, their influence taught me that we really do have the capability to do so much on our own, and also that homemade, natural goods are really, and truly, hard to beat.

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