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Before I started making soap, I didn't fully understand the qualities and complexities of homemade, cold-process soap.

Below I have showcased what makes my soaps special. This way, you as the consumer can make an informed decision when you consider purchasing my soaps. 


Transparent information is the hallmark of a great business. 


If I have not answered any questions you have, please shoot me an e-mail!  



Natural, Skin-Loving Ingredients

High-quality, nourishing oils and butters are used in the soaps.  Among these are olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.  Gentle and luxurious- what's not to love?

The soaps will never contain:

  • Harsh detergents, such as sodium laurel sulfate

  • Parabens

  • Phthalates

  • Artificial coloring

We can change the world one person and one business at a time.  I support ethically sourced products  as often as possible, and I am also a palm-oil-free soaper.  

  During production, I strive to always minimize and/or dispose of my waste properly by reducing, reusing and/or recycling.   


The products are packaged with simple, eco-friendly labels/packaging that minimizes or completely eliminates the need for any plastic packaging.

High-quality ingredients are used to create the soaps, and I craft them in my home.  Each bar is cut by hand and inspected for quality.

The cold-process method is utilized to create the soaps: lye and water are combined and then mixed with oils/butters to undergo a process called saponification, which is where they turn into soap over the next day or two. The soaps cure for at least 4 weeks to produce a gentler, longer-lasting bar.

Eco-Conscious Values

The soaps do not contain any animal products (lard, tallow, etc.) or anything produced by animals (honey, goatsmilk, etc.).  Mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and their byproducts comprise the soap ingredients.


The only products that are not vegan are our Butter Balms & our Lotion Bars, as they contain beeswax.


The soaps are not tested on animals.  I carefully test every single recipe on myself.

Plant-Based, Vegan Soaps 
Cold-Process & Artisan Methods
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